A lane of skulls

As many of you I read the new path to glory rules and decided to make a warband to…. I put my choice on Khorne and after the dice rolls we have the following :
Bargvor Bloodscream – Mighty Lord of Khorne, Khorgorath,  5 Skullreapers, 10 Blood warriors and  1 Slaugterpriest.

Then, to add some more units, I rolled a Slave to Darkness warband and here’s the result:      Chaos Lord on daemonic mount, Gorebeast chariot, 12 Chaos warriors, 5 Chaos knights and an Exalted Hero.


A way on some old work

Hi, today is kind of a blast from the past. Unfortunaly, I’m anable to find all my all pics, but here are some !

First mini’s pic ever… Karfak the butcher :


Two minis I made for a warseer plog :

Some various non red Khorne guys :

Sorcerers and warband :

The Kurgan and some various :

So here’s the evolution trought the ages… In a next article, I’ll show my favourite part the modelling wips.

Greetings readers and slaves


Welcome , lost souls , victims and proud warriors . The doors of Chaos open again to dump their hordes of demons and blood thirsty  psychopaths.

Now this new blog covering all the most obscure sujetsles of the Warhammer world . The Age Of Sigmar having finally gathered all the different faces of Chaos , I had to re-create a new page on the Internet to gather there all my creations and those of friends .


That said, just get lost in the maze of Chaos.